Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Forum Posting to generate free website or blog traffic

One of the easiest ways of generating traffic to your website while building backlinks, campaigns that will send unlimited traffic and boost your search engine ranking is through forum marketing. Not only will you be able to claim your share of traffic but forums provide you with the opportunity to quickly build brand awareness, so that you are recognized as an authority in your market. You will need to spend time providing quality information to the community, as well as helping members by addressing questions, offering guidance, and doing your best to contribute to the network, but it’s one of the easiest ways to jumpstart your website, absolutely free. Allocate 1 hour a day to marketing your business via community forums, but make sure to promote INDIRECTLY! You want your website to be seen within your forum’s signature box, rather than in spamming your link within discussion threads or posts, otherwise you’ll lose your account and likely end up banned from the community. You also want to focus only on active, established forums, keeping in mind that your posts will be quickly indexed, sending additional traffic to your website from the search engines directly. Make sure to optimize your forum profile as well! This is a great way to generate authority backlinks to your website, so include information about you, and a direct link to your website!

The forum posting method can have the same affect as Blog commenting yet most people that I see doing it do it totally wrong. They see forum posting as a way to develop a list of hungry subscribers but it should also be about creating a huge amount of back links through to your products and services.

You will see many links in a forum signature which will just introduce you to a newsletter and nothing more than that. Instead you need to fit lots of keywords in this section but without them looking like spam. You also need to plan your future on this forum at the same time. Because if you changen your signature in the future it will cancel out any of your older keywords.

Most will give you about five lines of space so make sure you use it wisely.
This is my current signature on the warrior forum: As you can see this provides me with lots of keywords all at the same time:
*Make Money Online
*How To Make Money On Twitter
*Free Twitter Ebook
*Make Money Online Blogging
*How To Make Money Online For Beginners
*Make Money Online For Free
*The Samantha Milner Blog

So from five lines I am able to create seven different keywords yet it still looks professional and isn’t spam at all. Then whenever I post a reply to a thread on the warrior forum or start one myself this will create a back link back to my websites that are in my signature.

If you post just five times a day which can take less than ten minutes you are generating twenty five fantastic back links. Yet at the same time people are visiting these links and buying your products or opting in to your mailing list.

If you do not have the time for this you can always use websites such as where you can outsource staff to do this for you. I have outlined five different ways to build the back links through to your products and services. If you use just one of them you can make a real difference to your business. Now its time to decide what you want to do to build up your Google traffic!

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