Friday, 3 April 2015

How to Win Over the Hearts of the Target Audience on Pinterest You have to Focus on The Lifestyle

Now these virtual pin boards are much like a corkboard of sorts where you are building a collection of images based on certain topics of interest. But know what you want to do and don’t go crazy about doing just any ol’ topic that you find interesting for yourself.

If you're doing a personal account, then I would say go for it…Choose whatever topic you like. However, you may want to be more calculated when it comes to your business and what you’re trying to build with your brand. The only exception to this is if your name is the brand so a personal account is one in the same.

And the best word to describe what you should focus on when creating your boards is to think…Lifestyle. You don't want to be overbearing about what you are offering. What you do want to give your visitors is the experience of what you do or what your company does. So speak more to the lifestyle of your business. The results of being a part of your company or the inner workings of what happens to the people involved with your business.

If it is just you, then great, show pictures of yourself. You can also show images of what you do inside the business. But you can also feature activities outside the business as well. Again, give Pinterest users the full experience. What does it look like to be you? What does it look like when you’re running your business? Bring people into your world visually and you’ll be on the right track.
It's a true social branding of what you're looking for when you create your boards.

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